Intermediate Bulk Container Solutions

For many Industries, incl. Petroleum, Chemical, Adhesives, Paints, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Water Treatment, Food & Beverage

Reconditioning and Recycling

The concept of reconditioning is MORE USES – this enables the end user to save money and lighten the Environmental impact.

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Setting the Benchmark in the IBC Industry

We start with the preface that the quality of a customer’s experience is the most important key to success in our business. From there, we have made and continue to make, significant investments in people and technology that allow us to continually set the benchmark for the best customer experience and quality of work, in the intermediate bulk container industry
Our Services

Purchasing of all Plastic Containers

We purchase containers in all industries ensuring that the containers are responsibly collected therefore ensuring that the Collection of containers from your site or your customer locations.

Our Services

Reselling of Approved Containers back into the Industry

We sell cost-effective, quality checked and pressure tested, reconditioned containers that can be used for packing, storage, and transport of chemicals industries for a 10lt polycan to 1000lt IBC.

Our Services

Reconditioning / Laundering services of your valuable containers from a 10lt polycan to 1000lt IBC

Insuring a cost effective service, reducing your footprint in the environment.

Our Services

Responsibly handling all waste, by adhering to all the municipal and governmental bylaws

DDS is fully legalised and licenced organization to facilitate a quality reconditioning service.

Our Services

Value added service

• Collection of empty packaging at customer sites or final customer locations
• Reconditioning service of containers from 10lt-1000lt, including rebottling.
• Drying and testing of packaging

Our Services

Value added service

• IBC and drum repair
• Return of packaging to customer filling operations centers


You remain the owner of the containers and DDS takes care of the cleaning & upkeep – either onsite at your location, or at our facilities.


  • GWIS Certification
  • Municipal discharge license
  • Municipal holding and transportation license
  • Governmental waste management license
  • Hazchem certified trucks and divers

DDS is a full compliant and accredited drum and IBC reconditioner.

About Us

Dynamic Drum Service has been reconditioning and recycling drums and containers since 2003. The concept of reconditioning is MORE USES – this enables the end user to not only save money but lighten the impact on the Environment.
By meeting our customer specifications and accurate control of containers has allowed DDS to establish a large foot print in the reconditioning industry. Utilizing cutting edge technology in its cleaning process. With our Head Office in Johannesburg we have a National presence around South Africa, insuring your containers and drums are being managed throughout the country.
Offering a full refurbishment and inspection process on all containers, all our containers requirements and demands are meet at affordable prices and quality standards.
DDS makes use of strict controls for all collections and deliveries with state-of-the-art security systems, bring peace of mind to all customers.
Our unique management style ensures that our employees understand the value of our customers and their specific requirements.
DDS is ISO accredited and compliant with Municipal and Government certificates.

Core Values


To work with our customers effectively, we must develop strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Only by partnering and collaborating with our customers to address their challenges and needs, can we truly be viewed and valued as an extension of our customer’s team.


The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. A company that cares about their customer’s experience will develop values from the customer’s perspective. Customer Service isn’t about how you deal with customers, it’s about how they deal with you.


DDS is continuously developing new services to meet the demands and application changes of newly emerging industries. If your company is seeking a better solution to on-going operational challenges contact a DDS representative to explore the possibilities for a meaningful long term IBC solution. We proudly provide intermediate Bulk container solutions to the following industries:



Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Epoxy, Glue, Resins
& Adhesives

Paints & Finishes


Patrick Mwale
Patrick Mwale
This is a place where companies can get standard and quality flowbins even cleaning flowbins for companies
Kobus Lubbe Kupke
Kobus Lubbe Kupke
Davin Cotterrell
Davin Cotterrell
Dynamic Drum services is a highly efficient and fast working company. the staff are friendly and professional, they always make a plan when there is a minor issues to solve it as fast as possible. There delivery time is exceptional the products are always in good condition.
Johan Van Der Merwe
Johan Van Der Merwe
chene van zyl
chene van zyl
Friendly and fast service. Good products.
Ethel Nobre
Ethel Nobre
The service is 100% from all members of the staff. I have been dealing with Dynamic Drums for a couple of years now and the service has been absolutely amazing.
John Viegas
John Viegas
Suzzane Motloung
Suzzane Motloung

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We have a National presence around South Africa, ensuring your containers and drums are being managed throughout the country.